There are following 2 contrasting differences between JEE Main 2017 and 2016

1)      There will be no weightage of Class XII th marks in calculating JEE Main rank.

2)      For students to be eligible for the admission into IITs, NITs, IIITs or other centrally funded technical institutes that consider the rank of JEE(Main)/ JEE(Advanced), candidate should have secured atleast 75% marks in Class 12th or be in the top 20 percentile of the respective boards (whichever is lower)
For SC/ST the qualifying marks would be 65% in class 12th board.

This changes the overall college allotment process for this year. Unlike previous years where the rank was calculated by giving 40% weightage to class 12th marks and 60% weightage to JEE marks to finally arrive at the cumulative rank, this time you just have to have the threshold percentage. Anyone who has cleared the minimum requirement set would then be offered a seat as per his/her JEE rank.

Once you have your JEE rank, next big hurdle is to grab the best seat available at your rank through Central Seat Allocation Board. Let’s discuss in detail as to how you should fill your choice while counseling.   




First of all you should demarcate all the colleges that you can take admission into. Categorize all the participating institutions into a list of three

(i)Dream Colleges


(iii)Not at all


Dream Colleges would be those, in which you would like to get into anyway. All colleges which may not be your first preference but you would not mind getting into them would fall into ‘comfortable’ list. And colleges which you would never join whatsoever branch you get should fall under ‘Not at all’ list. 

This list may vary from person to person and should strictly be based on one’s AIR. For instance: SVNIT Surat may be Dream College for one while other might not consider it at all.



On the same lines Categorizes all the branch available into a list three

(i)Dream Branch

(ii)Comfortable Branch

(iii)Not at all


Note: It is strongly advisable that your ‘Not at all’ list should be as small as possible as it reduces your options. 
The entire list need not be put on paper.



Look out for colleges and branches that you are most likely to get as per your rank  based on previous year’s cutoffs. Focus more on them and make sure that they are placed properly in your list. But cut-off is not the only criteria. For ex- NIT Silchar has a higher cut-off than Thapar University. But that doesn’t imply that former is better.

Prefer core branches like Mechanical over relatively newer branches like Mechtronics because core branches are evergreen.


There are two most popular approach to choice filling-

                a)College Centric Approach

                b)Branch Centric Approach


a)Branch Centric

There are students who are particular about a branch say Computer Science irrespective of College they get. So they are advised to fill choices is following manner-


1)NIT Warrangal-               Computer Science

2)NIT Tirchy-                     Computer Science

3)NIT Suratkal -                 Computer Science

4) NIT Calicut -                  Computer Science


At this point of time you should realize that Electronics in NIT W(say) is better than taking CS in MNIT Allahabad.

So you should then again repeat the same colleges

5)NIT Warrangal-         Electronics

6)NIT Tirchy-                Electronics



So the point is; you should group similar colleges together and make sure that you don’t compromise with college too much. In the end it is the college that matters most in placements.


b) College Centric Approach

There are students who are more concerned about getting into a good college than getting any particular branch. Their choice preference can be

1)NIT Warrangal-            Computer Science

2)NIT Warrangal             Electronics & Communication

3)NIT Warrangal-            Mechanical

At this point of time, Student Should realize that it would be better to opt for CS in other college than to go  for civil(say) in NIT Warrangal.

So you should continue as

4)NIT Tirchy-            Computer Science

5)NIT Tirchy             Electronics & Communication


NOTE: This list is just a suggestive list

At this point of time, it’s important to discuss these points

i) All branches are equal. There is a common myth that Computer Science is better than Mechanical (say). It all depends on personal inclination. If a person, who is inclined towards mechanical design, opts for computer Science just under peer pressure, he might repent his decision for ever.

ii) Both Branch and College Centric approach are equally effective. There is no hard and fast rule as such. Most of the time, we use both the approach together and interchangeably. The basic objective should be to strike a balance between branch and college.


You should have your final college list ready well before the last date so that you can make changes as per the indicative seats shown from time to time. This is the most crucial part. Most students procrastinate and exercise choice filling in the eleventh hour. One may commit blunders in hurry and then repent later on. So fill your tentative choices at the earliest and keep modifying as per the indicative seat matrix shown by CSAB from time to time.


NOTE: It’s not important that you get a seat in first counseling. But make sure that you don’t get a college that you don’t want at all.

Positively lock your choices by the deadline. It’s really disheartening to know that many students become ineligible just because they could not lock their choices in time.


The major dilemma arises over whether to participate in further rounds or to freeze your choice, once you are allotted any college. If you have filled your choices properly, participating in further rounds won't be a tough call. you would always get a higher preferred college in subsequent rounds.

But this golden rule is not applicable when there are fresh rounds of choice filling. Because of fresh choice filling, you may even get a worse college. Remember that once you surrender your seat, you lose your claim over that seat.


Introduction of SPOT Round is the most dramatic changes introduced by  CSAB. One or more SPOT rounds may be conducted depending on the vacancy available. But the most important point is that SPOT Rounds would occur after internal sliding in each colleges. So don’t expect any good branch to be available in spot counselling. Therefore, it won’t be a wise decision to wait for SPOT rounds.