Written by Aashish Aryan

I am angry. Very very angry. And my anger has its reason. Sample this. The IIT-JEE results come out, each year. And with them come the claims of most of the coaching institutes that the toppers of these exams were their own students. Is it humanely possible that each one of these toppers could have studied at all these coaching institutes at the same time in the same year?

Each year these institutes lay claim on the respective toppers and top hundred rankers of the various coaching institutes. And it is highly possible that most of the top hundred students might have been their students, but where I disagree is the claim that they lay on the top few rankers.

The concern is because India is a country where the age old theory of that what bells – sells (Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai) is widely accepted. The parents want their child to be the toppers in all the competitive exams that they appear. And so they are sent to concentration camps which exist primarily in KOTA! And coaching institute they choose is widely based on the ad that these institutes place in various electronic and print media.

The problem that arises here is any institute, by paying the toppers some amount of money registers them as their own students and this is where it misleads the common man! (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/State-toppers-roll-in-wealth/articleshow/8669957.cms)

The parents also admit their own wards into the same institute with the hope that someday he/she too shall make them proud! Aren’t they misguided? So who is to be blamed? The coaching institutes which pay money and buy these toppers and their statements or the toppers themselves who to a point mislead their juniors, the appearing students?

A mother never lays claim on the success of her child, if the child does not bother to thank her! She still wants her child to have the best of life. But what is evident from these so called educational coaching centers that they are hardly concerned with the education they impart. This system is like the slow parasite which is surely and steadily weakening the education that we are proud of! What should bother us more is that these competitive exams toppers are that top cream layer of the millions who fill forms and sit for these exams. And if they endorse the wrong institute just for money, chaos is ensured. Somebody just needs to tell them the very well understood but rarely used fact that “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This practice is really pathetic and needs immediate addressing. Of course no rules can be applied to it, but the toppers themselves should abstain from promoting such fake money minting agencies. I do not understand as to how their soul allows them to sell their hard work of the entire year or two to these cheap idiots. This not only baffles me but also raises doubts over the mindset with which these students burn the midnight lamp oil.


I have never been a topper of any of the competitive exams till date. But these conditions raise a certain doubt in my mind on how the brain pattern of these students works.

And if it is bound to be in the way we see it these days, I quit the desire to top.